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We specialize in assisting businesses in identifying and entering new markets seamlessly. We conduct comprehensive market research, assess the competitive landscape, and develop customized entry strategies tailored to your business. This strategic approach empowers you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities in new markets.


Expanding into new markets is a strategic move that requires careful planning and insights, but you’re lacking time, knowledge and ideas to do it?


Our Market Entry Strategy service is designed to provide you with a clear path to success, including market knowledge, strategic and creative mindset.

Case Study

We have developed over 15 projects across industries such as education, fintech, smart homes, media, B2B services, e-commerce, and many more. Here are some examples of our projects:

Smart Home application development

Complete mobile application initiation project from designing process to project management and development. The application is created for a new generation sustainable house infrastructure where innovation meets efficiency. Read the full case study for getting our detailed customer segment analysis, project timeline and final deliverables with project conclusions.

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Our Service Offerings

Start your digital product launching with our tailored solutions to meet your goals.

Strategy development

Market research and analysis

Conducting in-depth market research to understand the dynamics, trends, and potential of the target market. We analyze market size, growth potential, customer segments, and regulatory factors.

Checking the competition

Assessing the competitive landscape to identify key competitors, their strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning, including analysis of market gaps and opportunities for differentiation, in order to ensure your USP is well-highlighted via your strategy.

Developing market entry strategy

We create strategies that will lead you to get a slice of the pie and grow your business on a competitive landscape. Our approach ensures that you are well-informed, well-prepared, and well-positioned for successful market expansion, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Product roadmap design

Choosing the best fitted methodology

Finding the right methodology for your digital product development is crucial from financial and technical perspectives too. We help you decide which methodology fits your goals and business.

Detailed product plan and timelines

Develop a detailed product plan, including timelines, milestones, and deliverables, aligning with the selected methodology.

Change and risk management definition

As soon as a risk arises you will get notified about and we are going to develop strategies to mitigate them, following methodology-specific risk management processes, including technical risk assessment and mitigation plans to address technical challenges.

Fundraising consultancy

Due Diligence and valuation

It is crucial to know how much money you should ask for from your investor. We can help you to reach your maximum potentials by calculating your company, product or service value from IT and financial perspectives.

Pitch deck development

We’ll help you creating your pitch deck that professionally communicated your business and vision, emphasizing the key metrics and data that investors are looking for.

Post funding support

We don’t only focus on getting you funding. We’ll help you to determine priorities, MVP target focus, create a healthy relationship with your investor and build your financial reports that your investor would require from you.

Pricing strategy

Sales Funnel Design

We help you design your sales funnel strategy to find the best target groups through dedicated channels with the right messages.

Upselling, Cross-Selling

We implement solutions to increase the average transaction value by designing and promoting complementary products or upgrades to existing customers.

Data-driven revenue optimization

Developing and implementing data-driven pricing strategies that maximize revenue while remaining competitive in the market.

Retention strategies

Developing programs and tactics to improve customer retention, such as loyalty programs, subscription models, or CRM.

Marketing strategy

Launching strategy

We set a clear step-by-step strategy on how to achieve your goals during a 3 months period. Our strategic plan contains before-launching preparation, launching day marketing and after launching viral marketing.

Content creation

We create digital contents for advertisements, brand awareness and sales generation including filming, photoshoots, graphic design, copywriting, animation and social media marketing.

Automated marketing solutions

We provide B2B and B2C solutions for automated marketing campaigns that will boost your marketing without your day-to-day work.

Let's discuss your business

We’re here to help you plan, design, and implement your digital product idea, even from the ground up. Schedule an online consultation with our managing partner to determine if we’re the right fit for your business.


Let's discuss your business

We’re here to help you plan, design, and implement your digital product idea, even from the ground up. Schedule an online consultation with our managing partner to determine if we’re the right fit for your business.


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